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meet Karl busuttil Cavallaro

A talented individual who always exhibited a flair for design, Karl has a deep passion for helping people turn their dreams into a reality. 

By envisioning the final product as a combination of world-class style and functionality, Karl believes that interior design’s main purpose is to create spaces that improve one’s quality of life.

Well-known as a ‘people’s person’, Karl likes to step into the shoes of each client, making it possible for each and every person to build a home that not only exceeds their expectations; but also remains within budget! 

Throwing away the ‘one size fits all’ mentality, Karl believes each and every person is unique – and therefore, requires a unique service and approach. 

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our approach

How we work

At Cavallaro Design, we do not believe that one size fits all. Rather, we adopt a highly bespoke approach to each client, adapting our service according to each individual’s budget, preferences and lifestyle.

We prefer to initiate our working relationship with an on-site consultation, where an expert interior designer will analyse your property and decipher how its fresh design would be best integrated with your requirements. 

Timeless design is essential in creating a great looking interior that can stand the test of time. Moreover, we also make sure that functionality is never sacrificed; as your comfort always ought to be of prime importance. 

Our mission is to ensure that your new interior will be your very own little piece of paradise. 

our Process

Discovery session

Starting off with the conceptual process, a key start to learn more about the vision for your space and how it best fits in your lifestyle and budget.

Concepts & Planning

Through research and discussions we establish the space plans and design concept, adding details and finishes to finalise for execution

Management & Execution

On Site execution takes place, turning all plans and concepts into reality. Ensuring coordination with contractors or other third parties involved

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